About Your Hosts

International Host Organization

International Investment Funds Association (IIFA)

The mission of the IIFA is to promote the protection of investment fund investors, to facilitate the growth of the investment funds industry internationally, to act as a medium for the advancement of understanding of the investment fund business around the world, and to encourage adherence to high ethical standards by all participants in the industry.

The IIFA recognises the important role of investment funds globally and the responsibilities of such funds to their investors.

Membership in the IIFA is open to any national or regional investment funds association.

For more information on the International Investment Funds Association, please visit www.iifa.ca.

Local Host Organization

Investment Company Institute (ICI)

The Investment Company Institute is the national association of U.S. investment companies, including mutual funds, closed-end funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and unit investment trusts (UITs). ICI seeks to encourage adherence to high ethical standards, promote public understanding, and otherwise advance the interests of funds, their shareholders, directors, and advisers. Members of ICI manage total assets of $14.6 trillion and serve more than 90 million shareholders.

ICI was established in 1940 in New York as the National Committee of Investment Companies and became the National Association of Investment Companies (NAIC) in 1941. In 1940, members included 68 mutual funds and 43 closed-end funds, and assets for the fund industry totaled $2.1 billion. The NAIC instituted its first public information program in 1943, published its first annual statistical summary (which evolved into the Investment Company Fact Book) in 1958, and held its first General Membership Meeting in 1959. NAIC changed its name to the Investment Company Institute in 1961, the year that underwriters and advisers of mutual funds became eligible for membership. In 1970, ICI relocated to Washington, DC.

In October 2011, ICI launched ICI Global, a London-based trade organization focused on regulatory, market, and other issues for global investment funds, their managers, and investors. ICI Global also recently expanded its presence with the announcement of a Hong Kong office opening in May 2013.

ICI has actively participated in the IIFA since its inception, and previously hosted the annual IIFA conference in 1993 and 2005. Both conferences were held in Washington, DC.

For more than seven decades, ICI has brought the perspective of funds, their shareholders, directors, and advisers to policymakers in Washington, DC, and beyond through our wide-ranging activities. To learn more about ICI, please visit www.ici.org.